At Scuola Pizza, our goal is not only to provide delicious pizza and entrees, but also to enhance the casual dining experience. Serving delightful Mediterranean dishes with a relaxing atmosphere of books and vintage decor Scuola Pizza truly redefines the dining experience!
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When the Sinis family, with over 40 years of restaurant experience, moved to Gainesville from Greece, they wanted to open a restaurant where the ambiance was as unique as their signature dishes. Influenced by European culture and Mediterranean cuisine, they desired to create an environment reminiscent of a bygone era, a place where one can relax and read a plethora of literature as they dine in. It seemed like an adequate setting considering one of America’s finest Universities is only minutes down the road.

The word Scuola means “school” in Italian and is the ideal word for an eatery that not only provides books for casual reading but also truly studies the art of pizza.The quest for the perfect pizza never ends and that’s why the Sinis family has spent 4 decades improving its fresh homemade dough, quality toppings, and specialty pizza sauce while also serving traditional Greek and Italian favorites. Scuola Pizza is the ideal eatery for patrons looking for something unique, Mediterranean cuisine in a vintage atmosphere.

The class bell has rung.... come and join us for your next meal today!

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5240 NW 34th Blvd Suite A
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